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R Enterprises, LLC • We buy premium quality used ambulance modules.
• We remount them on new chassis and remanufacture all critical systems.
• We sell completed like-new remanufactured ambulances nationwide.

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Cost-Effective Ambulance REMANUFACTURING

47 Years Of Experience


What We Do

Remanufacturing: “rebuilding of a product to specifications of the original manufactured product using a combination of reused, repaired & new parts”

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How We Do It


- Our process provides a clear and complete diagnosis on the state of a candidate for remanufacturing.
- We complete the diagnostic by using a couple of tools.
• First, we have a 100 point plus inspection process to define and document the status of all functional groups.
• Secondly, we use thermography to analyze critical electrical systems.
- The complete diagnostic informs our build order to ensure that the remanufacturing process results in a vehicle that is like new and reliable.


• American Welding Society Stds.
• OEM Vehicle Mod. Guidelines

• LED Lighting Technology
• New HVAC and Inverter Systems
• Circuit Designs Validated
• Main Loads Run Through Contactors
• Positive (Locking) Crimp Process

• Complete Hardware Removal
• Adhesion Testing
• Sanding
• Priming
• Urethane Top-Coating

• Hardware Renewed/Replaced
• Insulation BTX Dis-Similar Materials
• Detailing/Burnishing As Required

Why We Do It

Because operators of ambulances are constantly working with the most critical of situations, our purpose is to reliably serve and protect them.

We set out to accomplish this through our mission which is to delight them with the performance of our products.  It is our vision to be recognized for great products by those who use them.


- Our family has been involved in the ambulance business and manufacturing since 1974.
- We believe in The Golden Rule

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Vision: To be recognized for great products.
Mission: To delight customers.
Purpose: To reliably serve and protect people.
Values: The Golden Rule.

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